What is psoriasis?

According to, psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. It typically affects the outside of the elbows, knees or scalp, though it can appear in any location.

What triggers psoriasis?

Again according to,  stress, injury to the skin, certain medications, infection and other possible triggers like allergies,  diet, and the weather.

Is psoriasis contagious?

No, it is not. It has to do with your immune system and genetics.

I will never forget the year, 2013, that my dermatologist diagnosed me with mild psoriasis. At first, I thought it couldn’t be anything serious because I thought it was only dandruff. When she broke the news about scalp psoriasis, I was shocked and researched about it when I got home.  During my visit, she prescribed a few topical creams to help relieve the pain, but it only worked for a few weeks. It was the worst year I’ve ever experienced the itchy and burning feeling on my scalp. I hated it because it came to the time that it was so inflamed and was more visible to others. I remember having to explain myself to people who noticed it because they didn’t understand what I had.

Four years later, my psoriasis has gotten worse this time after having two babies. After my primary doctor mentioned that, I kept it in the back of my mind because it wasn’t something important. I’ve always been self-conscious moving after I was diagnosed with psoriasis.

This section of my blog will be about my journey, home remedies, daily routine, and diet.