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Las Vegas Vacation – 2011

So Thanksgiving 2011, the hubs and I decided to visit my cousins, and my in-laws had their timeshare. We stayed at the Marco Polo Towers, and our view from the balcony was breathtaking. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at the strip! Hence, I decided to take so many pictures, and this is one of my favorites.

Heated Neck Wrap

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Victoria’s Lavender Luxury Neck Wrap: Use for Stress Relief, Hot & Cold Therapy – NEW 6″ Longer! Handmade in USA (Colors may Vary)

Ever felt like you have so much on your shoulder? Like stress building up? Neck pain? Other than relying on Tylenol or Advil to relieve it? A heated neck wrap does wonders! I love wearing it when I’m sleeping. It just feels relaxing and the lavender scent helps. So how did I end up appreciating the product?