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January 2018 Psoriasis Update

I joined the Psoriasis Healing Warriors Facebook Group if you are also trying to find answers to having clear skin again or about Psoriasis itself. People from all over the world are supportive, and Matthew provides us with excellent resources to start the healing journey since he has been going through it himself for the past ten years. Matthew also recommended the Ozona Organics and will be trying more of the products he suggested. So when you decide to join us,  you’ll have a supportive and caring group to welcome you.

New Year! New Attitude! Staying Positive about this healing journey for having clear skin again. So hope you enjoy the video.

Healing Journey

Last night, I stumbled on an interesting group while I was searching for my psoriasis niche and as soon as I was able to join, I was able to read up a few information for My Healing Journey. It was 2 am and my mind wanted to be awake and so I could read more, but my body was just exhausted. I think I will start this after I get back from vacation to share more info.  So my assignment during my plane ride will be hopefully reading some information or maybe not? I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned and hopefully I can look forward to having clear skin again for the New Year!

I’m still continuing the ACV and coconut oil treatment. So far it’s okay, it just relieves the itching, but still scaly and flaky. It’s helping at least a bit, but healing wise, not sure.


Psoriasin Treatment – Day 1


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Last night, I tried a new product, Psoriasin, for my scalp psoriasis since it has been acting up again. The white scalings are visible now behind my ears and on my hair. My dad has psoriasis as well, and he’s been using this for a few months and worked for him. So I decided to give it a shot.

Coconut Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar Routine – Day 1

Today I decided to try another routine for my scalp and see if it will help. I tried the Psoriasin treatment and the next day my scalp was so dry and itchy. It made it worse for me.  So I’ve read that ACV is good for your hair and exfoliates your skin. Coconut oil will keep my scalp moisturized. So I apply the coconut oil on my scalp before I sleep and in the morning wash it off with ACV. After rinsing, scalp moisturized and it was flaking big chunks of my skin instead, and I was happy because I can tell its working. I do this every other day. So I’ll try this treatment for a month and see how this goes.

Now I have to come up with another treatment for my overall body,  whether it may be cream/lotion/pills, but not shots like Humira or anything like it! Tine to explore options and more research.