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Supportive Hubs

I’m blessed to have a supportive hub especially when it comes to my business adventures. Since I’ve been a SAHM, I’m taking that step to start working again and challenge myself to balance different areas of my life. So I have a few businesses lined up for me. It is an investment, and I’m praying to God that I will be lucky because I’ve always wanted my own business so that I could spend time with my family like everyone else.

Sometimes, I compare myself to other successful mompreneurs, and I try not to because I know that I am special and unique in my way. I am me, and it is different when you meet me in person because I am fantastic with customer service. The hubs realized that when I resigned from my job of almost six years that I made an impact on the practice by always treating the patients as a person and not seeing them as a business transaction.

9 Years As Husband & Wife

Today the hubs and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Nine years! When we get the chance, we’ll look at our wedding album and watch our video together. Just to reminisce the happiest moment of our lives as we start our new life together as husband and wife. Each year I reflect upon our marriage to see where we are and what needs improvement. We should be on the same page by creating dreams and goals for our family, but it seems like we were slowly getting there.

We enjoyed our freedom, and it was only that time we felt like husband and wife because we had a place of our own. Living in our first apartment put our marriage to the test

Never Ready

When the hubs and I got married nine years ago, we both decided to enjoy our time together before we had children. We also wanted to save up for a home and be stable with our jobs just to provide our family with the lifestyle we wanted. He was a full-time working student who worked long hours at work. I was a full-time student only because I had loans. I didn’t find a job with my major in education; instead, I landed in the medical field.

After six years working for a psychiatric office, it was finally time to resign because the hubs and I had our breaking point since I was such a workaholic. He wanted to start having a family because we weren’t getting any younger. He was so tired of coming home to no one since I would go back around 12 am or later. So I told him we could try next year which we kept telling others when they ask about kids.