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Cheers 2018

As the New Year begins, this family always starts with a sick toddler (now with an infant) and parents for a few weeks. Usually starts with Ro and then goes around in the household. We were sick last year too for New Years. Not ideal way to start this year. Ro now has a fever and Ry started coughing with sniffles. Thank goodness Ry doesn’t have a fever. Having a sick child is not fun! Every time they’re sick I think OMG another month to recover! That’s life. We took out the humidifier last week for the boys. We tried to anticipate that they’ll develop a cold with stuffy noses. Right now? We always have to remind Ro why he needs to take his medicine after he throws a fit. Not fun! He has his days. As for me? I went to the ER

December 1st

I cannot believe it is December 1st. We just got back from our two-week vacation from California, and my mind still can’t wrap around the idea that Christmas is coming soon! The transition of warm weather to cold weather was hard to accept since it was like the 70’s-90’s weather in California. I have yet to unpack our luggage and put the clothes away. My mind is still on vacation and planning on enjoying the weekend with family and especially the hubs since he returns to work on Monday. The boys’ clothes I’ve put away since I had to put Ry’s 3-6 month clothing away and bring out the 9-months for this winter season. That reminds me I still have yet to get the boys their matching Christmas outfits. GAH! I feel so behind already just thinking about December!

Thanksgiving 2017

We just returned from our two-week vacation from California. We enjoyed our 90-degree weather on Thanksgiving Day. We were able to get together with family and friends who we haven’t seen in years. Vacation was fun but also tiring. The plane ride to and from was a success other than having them cry because they were hungry or wet diaper on the plane was understandable. Ro was a trooper during the whole trip and Ry? He was sleeping most of the time. I tried to travel light with these two, but that did not work out. I ended up packing more clothes for them than for myself. That gave me another reason to go shopping and bring some clothes home! Haha! 

Sick Toddler & Infant

Last week was my craziest ever! Ry was congested with a cough because big bro couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him. Early Thursday morning around 2 am, we brought Ro to the hospital because his fever was high (104°F). The hubs and I decided to bring him to the ER since he was burning up and had rosy cheeks. When we arrived, there was one family before us, and of course, we had to wait until one of the rooms cleared up because each room had a toddler with their parents. So we didn’t feel like we were alone. So Ro was already crying when the nurses came in and started poking at him. It was a nightmare! He was crying from the moment we got into the room until we left the hospital. We were in there for about an hour and a half because they checked if he had the flu and an x-ray to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia. Thank God it was just viral! The doctor told us to let it take its course, and of course, the hubs and I looked at each other and knew it was going to be a horrible few days.