Heated Neck Wrap

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Victoria’s Lavender Luxury Neck Wrap: Use for Stress Relief, Hot & Cold Therapy – NEW 6″ Longer! Handmade in USA (Colors may Vary)

Ever felt like you have so much on your shoulder? Like stress building up? Neck pain? Other than relying on Tylenol or Advil to relieve it? A heated neck wrap does wonders! I love wearing it when I’m sleeping. It just feels relaxing and the lavender scent helps. So how did I end up appreciating the product?


When I saw the post above from my newsfeed, I reflected upon the friendships I’ve had over the years and decided that it is time for a new me.  I am the kind of person who loves to keep in touch with my friends. Now I know everyone is in different stages of their life and it is not an excuse for you to return calls, text messages, or emails. I understand we all have a busy life, but I don’t appreciate the effort that I put into it. I do not tolerate that kind of friendship. I’ve always believed that friendship is a two-way street.

Ear Infection & Some Virus

On Wednesday, I took Ro to see the pediatrician because his fever was up and down.  Thank goodness they had walk-ins available. Unfortunately, Ro was crying the whole time, and it turned out as per the doctor he had an ear infection.  It’s been two years since he’s had his first ear infection, and he is not a fan of antibiotics! I mean come on, I don’t think anyone’s two year old will love drinking it. You would think the flavored ones would help. HAHA. So he has his antibiotics for ten days, plus his cough medicine, and from there I hope he recovers 100%.


I cannot believe that it has been a year since I started knitting. I took the time to teach myself how to with the help of youtube. It all started when my brother who is a Nurse Manager and needed an idea for presents for his employee. I decided to make it a hobby because it was another way for me to destress myself from Ro, my pregnancy, and life itself. At that time, we were expecting our second son, Ry.  Anyways, brother needed help for sure, so I volunteered myself to help him knit around 42 navy beanies, UGH! I got so bored staring at navy blue that I ventured off to another project! HAHA! I bought a lot of navy color yarns. I ended up making three different designs and decided that I can get it done before Christmas. HAHA! Guess what?