Las Vegas Vacation – 2011

So Thanksgiving 2011, the hubs and I decided to visit my cousins, and my in-laws had their timeshare. We stayed at the Marco Polo Towers, and our view from the balcony was breathtaking. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at the strip! Hence, I decided to take so many pictures, and this is one of my favorites.

Honest Juice

Honest Juice is the only brand that Ro will drink. I honestly love drinking this too. Ro loves every flavor except for grape. I’m not sure why, but maybe it reminds of him cough medicine or multivitamins. Anyway, Shoprite always has this on sale, 4 for $9.99, and each time we go, we stock up. Not every store has the flavors we want, so when we get a chance, we stick to whatever is available. How did we find out about this?

Storing Away Ro & Ry’s Clothes

Time flies when my baby boys are growing up and putting away their clothes makes me even sadder. I wish they could stay so little, but that is life. I started putting them away last month since I was still trying to figure out Ry’s size. I cannot keep up with their sizes because Ry is seven months now and growing out of his 9-month clothing. Ro is now two years old and still fits 12-18 months clothing. Hand me downs!


I love winter when it snows! Fresh snowfall! I love the picture that I took above! I stopped in the middle of the road because there were no cars following us and decided to take a quick shot. I had to drive the boys to the pediatrician’s office yesterday afternoon since Ry needed his flu shot. On the way there, we usually take the 10 minute drive through the woods where people can go sledding, hiking, or take their children to the park. I took my time yesterday, we left the house early, and the boys were asleep in the car. I just wanted to take in the scenery and enjoy the beauty of nature. It was breathtaking, and I felt a sense of peace.

If I didn’t have the boys with me, I would be outside the car just taking pictures.

What do you like/love about winter? What do you think about when you look at the picture above?