Birth of a Mompreneur

So after being a stay at home mom for 21 months, I finally decided to become a mompreneur since that is the only way I will be able to spend time with my boys and family. I’m done with a 9-5 job because I know myself already. It is very important for me to watch the boys grow up because they are my world and the best treasures in my life. They give me the strength to thrive each day to become a better version of myself. Motherhood was a blessing for me and since I had my first born, I made the right decision to be staying at home. Thanks to the hubs since he was okay with it.

Easy Baby Travelers

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Before, my diaper bag looked like a hot mess! Just like that picture above, but even worse! I for one cannot work with something like this no matter how many times I fixed it. In my head, I know where everything is, but when it came to finding things? Forget it! Plus, it was embarrassing to have a diaper bag looking like that in public. I was always looking at other mom’s reviews about specific items. I happened to stumble upon a product that I know was a good deal.