Who is Renzi?

I wear different hats, I am a mother of two boys, Ro & Ry, under the ages of 2, a wife to my loving hubs, a daughter to my supportive parents, an older sister to two younger brothers, sister in law to three beautiful younger sisters, daughter in law to my hard working in-laws, a Jesus believer, and a mompreneur.





I love to learn new things and challenge myself. I am still ambitious and a go-getter in life even more now that I am a mom. I always strive for the best and don’t settle for anything less because growing up wasn’t easy for me. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was little and been on meds since 1997. Then I was diagnosed with psoriasis and TMJ 2013. I’ve always been a fighter when it comes to anything that I faced and sought God for assistance. I love life and live it to the fullest with no regrets.



When the boys are sleeping, I sometimes nap with them if they kept me up the night before or I’ll be doing some mommy stuff. When everyone is asleep, I use my remaining hours to knit, blog, or catch up with my favorite shows. A glass of wine or two is always a good idea. When I catch a break from the kids and hubs, I pamper myself with a mani-pedi, hang out with my girlfriends, order myself a drink from Starbucks, go shopping, or just read a book in a quiet place. I love photography, editing, and creating videos. A few other hobbies, on the side, but love being creative.




The Birth Of the House of Delros

I had a hard time deciding my domain name and I decided to make a list of what I was going to blog about and HELLO! The House of Delros was born. The hubs and I have only been parents for two years and we love it. We wouldn’t trade it at all! We love our boys, Ro & Ry and they are the reason to why we thrive each day to give them a good life. I wanted to share recipes from the Philippines since I was born there and of course, a bunch of other topics that I can think of. Life is a learning experience and it is a challenge each day.

I hope that my readers will be able to relate and my goal is to post an entry each day and comfort someone who is going through the same issues. Who knows? Probably make new friends as time passes.



History of Blogging

I’ve blogged on xanga.com  a few years back during my college years, and it was beneficial to just blog away after a stressful day of studying and a break from life itself. I forgot how it feels just to let my mind speak freely online.

I also made some long lasting friendships with a few people that followed my blog. It’s a surprise if someone can read between the lines too. It was nice to feel that I’m not alone when it comes to reading other people’s blogs. Sometimes I find their blogs inspiring and filled with positivity despite the storms they go through.