So Thanksgiving 2011, the hubs and I decided to visit my cousins, and my in-laws had their timeshare. We stayed at the Marco Polo Towers, and our view from the balcony was breathtaking. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at the strip! Hence, I decided to take so many pictures, and this is one of my favorites. Las Vegas was our honeymoon after being married for three years, life got in the way, and things happened. That’s another story to look forward to reading another post. So why not a country in Europe? An island like the Maldives? Bora Bora? As much as we wanted to, we both decided to save up. So moving on, we decided to stay for a week. I planned everything out and let my cousins know that we were visiting them. (That is another post as well) Anyways, I’m a planner! So a week we were able to do a lot of things. The first few days we were there, the hubs wanted to gamble. Now! After visiting a few casinos, we decided our luck was at the Venetian. I convinced the hubs that playing at the Roulette table was not a good idea. In fact, he was better at playing Black Jack. Mind you I never left his side because I was his conscience. HAHA! I would hold on to the winnings and let him know when to quit and remind him there is still tomorrow. So we lost some and won the money back. Which was awesome! I did a little shopping since the fashion industry from the East Coast was different.

Our view from the terrace of Marco Polo Towers.

The Cosmopolitan

We also watched a show; The Beatles Love by Cirque De Soleil. I’m a fan of Cirque De Soleil, and honestly, I loved the show. There were a few songs we sang to and just enjoyed the moment of watching these amazing and talented actors performing during the show. It was memorable! It will be a while till I watch another show in Vegas.

I always heard great reviews about this buffet place, Wicked Spoon, but we didn’t make it on time so the hubs and I weren’t going to wait for another few hours to eat. haha! Vacationing! Sleeping in after being at the casino for wee hours. Next time we visit, we will definitely hit up this place for lunch since I heard about how delicious and satisfying the meals are.

So we decided to check out places to eat and Man OH Man! We found one restaurant and would revisit it. Though it was expensive, WHY NOT? I would recommend Julian Serrano at Aria. They served Spanish tapas, and the flavors were just UM! Delicious! It was my first time having white ceviche and cannot forget the lime taste along with cilantro (which I love) some red onions and the fish itself. Ah! It was just GAH! Made my mouth water. Haha, The fried padron peppers had the right drizzle of sea salt to it. We ordered mixed paella (I won’t mention what’s in it because it will just make me hungry) and we cannot forget about sangria! That made our night, and I honestly had no room for dessert.  I loved the ambiance of the place, and I’ll say that place was packed. We waited for a while, but it was definitely worth the wait.

We were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it when it arrived.

We killed the pitcher of white sangria.

Do you have any recommendations for places to eat? Perhaps a hidden gem? 


  1. Katie | 15th Feb 18

    Hi Renzi sounds like so much fun, thanks for the inspiration and for sharing! Katie

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