Honest Juice

Honest Juice is the only brand that Ro will drink. I honestly love drinking this too. Ro loves every flavor except for grape. I’m not sure why, but maybe it reminds of him cough medicine or multivitamins. Anyway, Shoprite always has this on sale, 4 for $9.99, and each time we go, we stock up. Not every store has the flavors we want, so when we get a chance, we stick to whatever is available. How did we find out about this?

We went to a children’s party, and they were serving this in cute little juice boxes. After Ro had his first few sips, he decided that mommy or daddy can finish it for him. The hubs is not into drinking juice, so guess who? I finished the juice box. What I loved about it is that it wasn’t so sweet like the other brands. There wasn’t much sugar in it that during my pregnancy with Ry, I got away drinking it. Both of my pregnancies, I had gestational diabetes and severely pricked myself four times a day until I gave birth wasn’t my cup of tea. I drank this when I craved sweets, and it was helpful. What’s my favorite flavor? Twisted Tropical Tango!

The other day Ro drank the Apple & Eve brand, he took one sip and asked for juice again. He pointed to the Honest ones, and he can finish a pouch in one sitting. The hubs always joke around with me whenever I asked him to pick some up when we go grocery shopping. Sometimes we let Ro pick three, and of course, I get one box for myself. I’m just glad that Ro drinks juice even though the pediatrician said not too much of it. (I know, my pediatrician is a bit strict) Anyway, something I’d share for mommies out there that are looking for a brand for their kids to drink. Who knows? Maybe they’ll love it too?

What brand do you buy? Any recommendations?

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