Storing Away Ro & Ry’s Clothes

Time flies when my baby boys are growing up and putting away their clothes makes me even sadder. I wish they could stay so little, but that is life. I started putting them away last month since I was still trying to figure out Ry’s size. I cannot keep up with their sizes because Ry is seven months now and growing out of his 9-month clothing. Ro is now two years old and still fits 12-18 months clothing. Hand me downs!

The best part is Ry gets hand me downs from Ro. The only time Ry receives new clothes is when I match him with his brother. When I was putting the clothes away, I would always have pictures of them wearing it side by side. Like a who wore it best kind of thing. Haha.  Anyways, after washing all their clothes, I decided to store them in clear storage bins because it was on sale from Target. I figured the transparent color would be more accessible to identify that it is the boy’s clothes. I bought a bunch of vacuum seal bags to save up space and put in two dryers sheets to keep the clothes smelling fresh. Each bin has three different sizes, labeled from the inside and ready to be stored. I have a few one size only container for Ro because of 2T and up. If you were to ask me how many storage bins I have for the boys? I lost count. Oh, the clothes these little humans have!

The next time I will see these clothes again is when we have another kid. Another boy? Hey! I surely do not know what God has planned for me.

When did you start putting away your children’s clothes? How did you feel during the process?

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