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Victoria’s Lavender Luxury Neck Wrap: Use for Stress Relief, Hot & Cold Therapy – NEW 6″ Longer! Handmade in USA (Colors may Vary)

Ever felt like you have so much on your shoulder? Like stress building up? Neck pain? Other than relying on Tylenol or Advil to relieve it? A heated neck wrap does wonders! I love wearing it when I’m sleeping. It just feels relaxing and the lavender scent helps. So how did I end up appreciating the product?

It all started when I had a back to back appointment for my boys, the office didn’t have anything available on the same day. It was very annoying. So imagine having two little ones sleeping in the car and having to wake them up to go to the office. UGH! It was pure torture because Ro always wanted to be carried and Ry, well he was in his stroller. These were the times I wished I had a compact double stroller. But anyways, I took them on Tuesday and Wednesday and man!!! My body paid for it the next day. I woke up with neck and shoulder pain. I honestly couldn’t get up let alone carry the boys for a day. Thank goodness, my mom decided to help me and took a day off. So she introduced the product to me and showed me how easy it was. She heated it for three minutes in the microwave and provided me a towel to put over my shoulder before putting on the neck wrap. I laid back flat on the couch and had it around my neck, the smell of lavender did the trick, and I was able to sleep like a baby.

So I did that for a few days not only when I was sleeping, but during the day when needed. I honestly can tell you that it was beneficial. The feeling of being tired disappeared as soon as I’m wearing it. Nowadays, when I feel stressed out or pain, I pop that wrap in the microwave and I’m good to go. Perfect time to wear it when I’m blogging, reading a book, knitting, and whatever relaxing activity I choose to do.

This wrap is one of my many MUST HAVES.


Do you have a heated neck wrap? What do you use to relieve the pain?

Any other recommendations?






  1. Kathy Thut | 15th Jan 18

    I love my heated neck wrap! I prefer it to a heating pad or hot water bottle any day!

  2. Rigel | 16th Jan 18

    You know I’ve never used one of these but I wonder. I don’t have pain but they do seem relaxing!

    • Renzi | 16th Jan 18

      They are very relaxing even without pain. I’m wearing it right now while I’m blogging. HAHA

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