Ear Infection & Some Virus

On Wednesday, I took Ro to see the pediatrician because his fever was up and down.  Thank goodness they had walk-ins available. Unfortunately, Ro was crying the whole time, and it turned out as per the doctor he had an ear infection.  It’s been two years since he’s had his first ear infection, and he is not a fan of antibiotics! I mean come on, I don’t think anyone’s two year old will love drinking it. You would think the flavored ones would help. HAHA. So he has his antibiotics for ten days, plus his cough medicine, and from there I hope he recovers 100%.

Last night, the hubs and I took Ry to the walk-in clinic around 11 pm because he was just crying regularly and we did everything we can to help ease the pain. So when we got called into the room, the nurse took his vital signs and the doctor came in for a checkup. It turns out that Ry has some virus. They couldn’t say RSV, but they told us to follow up with our pediatrician and get evaluated. He was wheezing and coughing with a runny nose. The pediatrician prescribed albuterol and alternate saline solution to help with his congesting and wheezing.

So now, I have two sick babies, and they have been keeping me up wee hours of the morning. We’ve been sleeping late since Christmas Day. The latest I went to bed was 4:45 am because Ry napped so many times that he decided to party with me. I’m grateful that my hubs was able to work from home for a full week and were very helpful. As for myself, I was able to get an appointment in for my PCP on Wednesday because someone canceled! YAY! I worried about recovering from pneumonia and if the antibiotics helped it out. I’ll find out on Wednesday. I’m praying that it went away and that I’m not stressing. Running on 3-4 hours of sleep isn’t helpful either with sick little ones.



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