I cannot believe that it has been a year since I started knitting. I took the time to teach myself how to with the help of youtube. It all started when my brother who is a Nurse Manager and needed an idea for presents for his employee. I decided to make it a hobby because it was another way for me to destress myself from Ro, my pregnancy, and life itself. At that time, we were expecting our second son, Ry.  Anyways, brother needed help for sure, so I volunteered myself to help him knit around 42 navy beanies, UGH! I got so bored staring at navy blue that I ventured off to another project! HAHA! I bought a lot of navy color yarns. I ended up making three different designs and decided that I can get it done before Christmas. HAHA! Guess what?

NOPE! I only had five done! Before I volunteered for my brother’s project, I knitted my hubs a simple scarf until I got the hang of knitting. I figured that knitting wouldn’t be that hard since I learned how to crochet from my grandmother who passed away last year. Moving on, I started knitting myself a beanie for the cold weather and so forth to different sort of scarves for the family. I bought patterns from Etsy and found some from Ravelry. I would say I’m like a beginner or easy beginner. A few months into knitting, I challenged myself for something intermediate. HAHA! Once I got stuck on a pattern or lost count, I get so frustrated that my mind was thinking, fix it or take the whole thing apart. Mentally, I’m just like GAH! Lost count, take it apart and start over. I have no idea, but that’s just me.

If you were to ask me how many knitting projects do I have going on? I say about four unfinished ones. It’s hard to pick it up from where you left off. I don’t like leaving work unfinished. It is either gets done or doesn’t pick up for me. Knitting became addicting and learning different patterns was challenging. I never knew a hobby can be like this. I have so many different color yarns in a container waiting in line for a project. I love the Lion Brand ones! There are a few that I am not a fan of, but I ‘ve been visiting different knitting stores around my area and bought some nice quality yarn.

Below are a few beanies, I finished within two days. I say I am in love with the bulky yarn. It is perfect for the winter time. It keeps me warm.

I’m still knitting a few days just to relieve stress and challenge myself with projects. I think I would prefer knitting over crocheting. Then again, you could do more with crocheting too.


Do you have a new hobby? Do you like to challenge yourself? 

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