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Daily Archives: January 1, 2018

Cheers 2018

As the New Year begins, this family always starts with a sick toddler (now with an infant) and parents for a few weeks. Usually starts with Ro and then goes around in the household. We were sick last year too for New Years. Not ideal way to start this year. Ro now has a fever and Ry started coughing with sniffles. Thank goodness Ry doesn’t have a fever. Having a sick child is not fun! Every time they’re sick I think OMG another month to recover! That’s life. We took out the humidifier last week for the boys. We tried to anticipate that they’ll develop a cold with stuffy noses. Right now? We always have to remind Ro why he needs to take his medicine after he throws a fit. Not fun! He has his days. As for me? I went to the ER