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Whenever we have friends letting us know they are expecting, I always try to find a gift from the heart and something that will be meaningful to them as well. I know that when I first read these books to my boys, I felt a little emotional especially when I had Ro because he was my firstborn. The feeling of being a new mother can be overwhelming, but rewarding because you are reading to this little human in your arms and cherishing every moment. The moment you look into your baby’s face, the world just goes away, and as you continue to read to them, you feel like it is only you and the baby in this world.

So speaking of gifts, my brother and his wife are expecting their first child in a few days, and my husband’s sister and her husband are expecting their first child next month. I am so excited for them and to meet my new nieces/nephews. I know my boys are looking forward to having new playmates.

My FIRST gift would be either one of these books below.

Welcome Little One by Sandra Magsamen


 Thank you, God, for Daddy by Amy Parker


Thank you, God, for Mommy by Amy Parker

As first-time parents, they won’t know about these books until someone gives it to them. In fact, they’ll appreciate that you gave it to them because the message in each book feels personal and how they go about reading it to their baby. I’ve given this book to some of my girlfriends, and they loved it. So you could never go wrong by giving them a book that welcomes them to parenthood.

My SECOND gift would be a Pregnancy Planner & Journal which I love out of the rest of the other planners because each month it has a pocket for you to put your sonograms each time you have an ultrasound.  It also has the breakdown of what you will be expecting for your months to come and the size of your baby. Definitely a good guide for first-time moms.


The Bump Pregnancy Planner & Journal



My THIRD gift would be this Sneak Peek picture frame because it will be a wonderful reminder for their first child.

Malden International Designs Sneak Peek Sonogram Juvenile Frame, 4×6, White


Do you have any other recommendations that would be an excellent gift for expecting parents?

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