December 1st

I cannot believe it is December 1st. We just got back from our two-week vacation from California, and my mind still can’t wrap around the idea that Christmas is coming soon! The transition of warm weather to cold weather was hard to accept since it was like the 70’s-90’s weather in California. I have yet to unpack our luggage and put the clothes away. My mind is still on vacation and planning on enjoying the weekend with family and especially the hubs since he returns to work on Monday. The boys’ clothes I’ve put away since I had to put Ry’s 3-6 month clothing away and bring out the 9-months for this winter season. That reminds me I still have yet to get the boys their matching Christmas outfits. GAH! I feel so behind already just thinking about December!

I may not feel the Christmas spirit yet just because my Mom doesn’t have the tree up and the house decorated. She is usually festive about this month. I would have thought Mom would have had the time to set things up while the grandkids were away so she won’t be interrupted. Then again, life got in the way, so now the house isn’t prepared. I am just not sure when she will start. I would start, but it wouldn’t be right because my Mom loves decorating the tree. Now thinking about the tree made me miss about decorating my tree when we were living in our old apartment. This year is my first Christmas without my motif for the tree and stuff. I miss my skinny tree!

This month is a crazy month! I forgot the stores are running on holiday hours, but I wouldn’t even want to be out late by myself with all the scary stuff that has been happening around us. I will stick to online shopping! Haha, I’ll only run to the store if the hubs come along to keep me company.  Holiday parties here and there to attend, mail out Christmas cards, and don’t forget presents for family and friends! Seriously I think sometimes; we lose sight of what Christmas is all about. The past few years I felt like it was all about presents! Just thinking about it stresses me out!

These next few weeks I have to prepare for things and tell myself, I still have my business to run and not be on vacation. Have to change gears and remind myself that I’m back to work. Before the end of the year, I want to prepare myself before I begin my new journey next year.

Are you ready for Christmas? What do you have accomplished? Is the tree up? Presents is set? Christmas cards mailed out? 


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