Thanksgiving 2017

We just returned from our two-week vacation from California. We enjoyed our 90-degree weather on Thanksgiving Day. We were able to get together with family and friends who we haven’t seen in years. Vacation was fun but also tiring. The plane ride to and from was a success other than having them cry because they were hungry or wet diaper on the plane was understandable. Ro was a trooper during the whole trip and Ry? He was sleeping most of the time. I tried to travel light with these two, but that did not work out. I ended up packing more clothes for them than for myself. That gave me another reason to go shopping and bring some clothes home! Haha! 

The boys had a wonderful time meeting their cousins for the first time. In fact, their cousins miss them already. We took the boys to Knotts Berry Farm, Santa Monica Pier, La Brea Tar Pits, Disneyland and Universal Studios. There were so many places to go, but it must have been a sign from God that it was just not meant to be. The tickets for The Museum of Ice Cream was all sold out. I didn’t know we had to buy our tickets in advance for it. We were able to taste the cheese rolls from Porto’s Bakery. The bakery that every Filipino was raving about when they come from California. I honestly think I gained a few pounds from this vacation because of the fast food places that Jersey doesn’t have, for example, In-N-Out, Carl’s Junior, Jack-In-The-Box, and all the good stuff!

The rest is just a blur! I cannot remember anymore! The more I recall, the more I miss California. Sad, but true. I’m just happy that the boys were running Jersey time the whole two-weeks that we were there. Ro sleeps early now unless he takes his naps. Ro is saying more words now that he was able to spend time with his cousins and hearing them talk to him. I’m so happy and proud of him! Ry loved it when his aunts and uncles carried him. He is getting heavier and cannot wait to see how much he weights for his six months check up next week.

Anyway, I should wrap this up because I am exhausted from the plane ride and will be expecting my body to ache since I carried Ry in a baby carrier.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

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