Last week was my craziest ever! Ry was congested with a cough because big bro couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him. Early Thursday morning around 2 am, we brought Ro to the hospital because his fever was high (104°F). The hubs and I decided to bring him to the ER since he was burning up and had rosy cheeks. When we arrived, there was one family before us, and of course, we had to wait until one of the rooms cleared up because each room had a toddler with their parents. So we didn’t feel like we were alone. So Ro was already crying when the nurses came in and started poking at him. It was a nightmare! He was crying from the moment we got into the room until we left the hospital. We were in there for about an hour and a half because they checked if he had the flu and an x-ray to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia. Thank God it was just viral! The doctor told us to let it take its course, and of course, the hubs and I looked at each other and knew it was going to be a horrible few days.

It was just a tiring morning because I had an appointment at 6:30 am for an ultrasound, and then 10 am appointment with my endocrinologist for a follow-up. OMG! I was so thankful when the hubs decided to take a day off.  So instead of leaving two sick babies with him, we decided to divide and conquer. Ro stayed home with him, and Ry was with me during my 10 am appointment. I was running on 3.5 hours of sleep and didn’t even nap when I arrived home from the doctor’s office.

Since Ro was born, my motherly instincts kicked in. I can tell when my son moved in his bed to the time he wakes up crying when I’m not around. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mother who feels this way, but you know what I mean. So Friday and Saturday came along, and Ro was still running a high fever. We stacked Tylenol and Motrin since Thursday morning. Then came Sunday and his temperature was finally gone. It was such a relief and not only was Ro feeling better, but Ry was feeling better as well.

The kettle is Ry’s best friend whenever he was congested. He loves the steam, and it doesn’t bother him much. The NoseFrida (The Snotsucker) was very helpful because after he got steamed for 15 minutes, it was pretty easy getting the snot out. The Snot Sucker Vs. The Suction Bulb! THE SNOT SUCKER WINS! The Exergen Temporal Scanner will be replaced soon because the hubs is not a fan. So I’ll be researching a new thermometer. I’m very thankful that my boys are feeling better before our vacation.




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