I’m blessed to have a supportive hub especially when it comes to my business adventures. Since I’ve been a SAHM, I’m taking that step to start working again and challenge myself to balance different areas of my life. So I have a few businesses lined up for me. It is an investment, and I’m praying to God that I will be lucky because I’ve always wanted my own business so that I could spend time with my family like everyone else.

Sometimes, I compare myself to other successful mompreneurs, and I try not to because I know that I am special and unique in my way. I am me, and it is different when you meet me in person because I am fantastic with customer service. The hubs realized that when I resigned from my job of almost six years that I made an impact on the practice by always treating the patients as a person and not seeing them as a business transaction.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 

He has seen how the doctors and the therapist appreciated me because I knew what I was doing to make them and the patients happy. Every time I visit the office, they always ask me if I will come back because they missed how structured I was with my professionalism and personality.

After resigning, a friend’s husband wanted me to join him by managing a warehousing company. I learned my lesson, do not do business with a friend. My hubs have been my biggest supporter when I would always cry after coming home from work because I wore so many hats for a salary that wasn’t even worth the amount on my shoulders. He always encouraged me and reminded me tomorrow would be a better day. He felt the stress I was under and comforted me with inspiring words. I know that he is proud of my accomplishments with the company. From medical field to warehousing? I think I did a good job learning the industry in a year and made my customers happy.

He is my biggest fan and always cheering me on. I thanked him tonight for encouraging me when I feel like I have failed with certain parts of my business. Also for being supportive because together we can take it on and with him as my backbone, I can do this.

Thank you hubs for being the loving, patient, and understanding guy for the past 14 years I’ve known you. You always remind me how blessed I am despite the trails we went through. I love you, and you are the best!


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