California 2017

So this Thanksgiving we will be on vacation and be visiting both sides of my parents’ families. It will be Ro’s last free trip before he turns 2 and Ry’s first plane ride. Since we racked up enough points for the past year or two, we were able to redeem three tickets through Southwest Airlines! WOOHOO! My brother is coming with us too and definitely looking forward to our adventure.

I’m so excited to leave NJ in November for some warm weather finally.  A family vacation was needed since Thanksgiving is usually a holiday that we made for our family. We left Christmas and New Year’s to spend with my in-laws and my parents. I wanted to just go for a week, but the hubs decided we’ll go for two weeks instead because he wanted a break from work. So I didn’t complain since it was his decision.

2012 was the last time we spent Thanksgiving with my cousins and their kids. They’re looking forward to meeting the boys since they are the youngest of the crew. We have three nephews and three nieces, they’re all in elementary school now, and I cannot wait to spend time with them. I’ve mapped out and listed the places we want to bring the boys. I’m starting to buy products that we need for the trip so I can do a review for each one.

I just have to reserve a rent a car and make my list to what we need for the trip especially we are traveling with two kids now. The double stroller and car seats are a must. I was hoping my parents would join us so we can catch a break from the kids and head to Las Vegas. I doubt it! I’m still working on convincing them since they haven’t been to Cali for 14 years now. My parents aren’t for traveling nowadays unless we make it a family vacation. The last family trip was 2014 when we drove to Montreal and Québec for a weekend in December. I’m just ecstatic! Who wouldn’t? It’s a vacation!! Can’t wait to blog more about in November.

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