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I bought ToteSavvy last year when I only had Ro because I couldn’t stand having a messy bag. I carry so many things that my tote gets heavier and hurts my shoulder. I was debating about the purchase for a few days and finally caved to purchase it. I have several totes that needed to be put to use so it was perfect! It was just what I needed. Plus, since Ro starting his toddler years I had fewer things to bring for him instead of a giant bag. The price was reasonable for this item since they have a mini and regular size with four different colors to choose. 



I like how it has a key ring for my keys because keys are essential when it comes to reaching for it. The different size compartments were helpful when packing little one’s stuff away. I also liked that there were two compartments outside for my thing which my wallet, cell phone, and any critical paperwork to bring to a doctor’s appointment or what not. It has its changing pad, and the material is easy to clean if I spilled something on it.


This organizer is good for one child only. I tried using it when Ry was a newborn along with Ro’s stuff, and it was too confusing with limited space for it.

I would recommend this product for mommies who don’t want to purchase another diaper bag and owns different tote bags.  Plus the mommies who have one kid OR with two toddlers because the goal is convenience and packing light.

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