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Before, my diaper bag looked like a hot mess! Just like that picture above, but even worse! I for one cannot work with something like this no matter how many times I fixed it. In my head, I know where everything is, but when it came to finding things? Forget it! Plus, it was embarrassing to have a diaper bag looking like that in public. I was always looking at other mom’s reviews about specific items. I happened to stumble upon a product that I know was a good deal. 

I bought an organizer when I had Ro, and it was useful until Ry came along. Now with two kids and a diaper bag/backpack, I decided to purchase a better colorful organizer! Thank God for Easy Baby Travelers! I wish I found them when I had Ro. Their items are cute, and the bundles have reasonable prices for them. I ended up buying the Easy Baby Traveler in Brooklyn Starter Set of 4 and the Easy Baby Extension Set in Seersucker.

As soon as I received them, I was excited to use it and felt like my diaper bag organized. It is easy to use and much faster when I need to find things. If anyone was helping me, I could just tell them the design And color of the bag, and they got it! Made it so easy, I can distinguish between Ro (less) & Ry (more) stuff.

It’s easy to transfer from different bags & looks more organized now.


What design would you buy and which sets?



  1. Dianne @ WahmCafe | 27th Jan 18

    I remember the days of the unorganized diaper bags! One of these days soon my daughter will be gracing me with a grandbaby, and I look forward to sharing all these tips! I’ll keep the Easy Baby Traveler in mind for sure 🙂

    • Renzi | 28th Jan 18

      Congratulations! That is exciting news! Thank you and I hope you enjoy your weekend. I’m pretty sure you will have a post about your new grandbaby and looking forward to reading more about it.

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